Platform: Instagram channel @flavouramabattle

Everyone can take part in the preselections of Flavourama. There are two different categories: 2 vs. 2 Hip Hop and 1 vs. 1 House Dance. For detailed information on how to participate, click here

An interactive dance tour through Salzburg’s Old Town

Meeting point: Salzburg Museum

Time: 5.00 PM 

Tickets: Here

On a guided tour to the most beautiful places in the inner city of Salzburg, you will have the opportunity to learn a choreography in small steps and thus get to know Salzburg from a new perspective.

In cooperation with and the Salzburg magazine “Fräulein Flora”, the walking dance class is to be held by austrian street dancers. #visitsalzburg

Platform: Instagram channel @flavouramabattle

Time: every day, 7 pm CEST

Two International judges from Germany & France and an audience vote will be selecting the best Hip Hop team and the best House dancer of Flavourama Battle Vol. XII! The winners will not only get prize money, but will also earn a spot in the Line Up of Flavourama Vol. XIII in 2021!

Venue: SZENE Lokal Salzburg

Enjoy the finest Hip Hop & House tunes by local Deejays from Salzburg. Even though the battles of Flavourama Vol. XII will be online this year, we will share the love of music & dance anyways! NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, there will be some special regulations, which are due to spontaneous change.

Time Schedule: TBA

Place: Südtiroler Platz Salzburg
In a 1 vs. 1 All Styles Battle, dancers meet outdoors to compete against each other. Be the jury and vote for your favorite dancer!